will provide any construction and maintenance personnel.


When searching for and selecting personnel for the construction of a particular facility it can be difficult to find representatives of certain specialties, and also to man up the work teams on time.

Our company selects laborers on its own account, concludes labor contracts and passes the workers to the customer organization, for performing certain types of work at the customer's enterprise in accordance with the concluded contract. The specific character of the service lies in the fact that, while officially remaining a member of the staff of our company (RVMAB GRUPPEN), in fact the laborers execute the work in another organization, obey its requirements and the specially stipulated rules.

The use of our services assists in optimizing the costs of the company for the maintenance of personnel, as well as for labor recruitment and payment. Outsourcing of construction personnel helps to get rid of the need to pay for unplanned downtime of already recruited work teams. In fact, it is possible to involve such employees in the performance of work strictly for the period of construction works.
We strive for long-term cooperation with each client and offer a full range of services, including the maintenance of personnel document management.

All the personnel provided by our company has all the necessary documents and approvals for work in the countries of the European Union.


RVMAB GRUPPEN OÜ has a vast experience and employs enough highly qualified specialists, which allows us to perform all types of concrete works.

One of our specialisations is concrete works of any complexity.

We perform the entire range of works.
Review of design documents. Preliminary preparation, laying of required insulation and other materials. Installation of moulds, reinforcement, concrete pouring. Maintenance of concrete during curing (temperature, humidity, preservation). Final treatment of concrete surfaces (floors, walls, flooring, columns, other cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures). Application of additional protective and decorative coatings. Installation of construction and reinforced steel elements.

Main types of works:

  • review of design
  • preparation works
  • laying of additional materials
  • installation of moulds
  • reinforcement
  • pouring of concrete
  • maintenance of concrete
  • final treatment of surfaces

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